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RUNSHI Chemical (Changshu) Co., Ltd. firstly founded in the 1980s, mainly produces and operates various types of chemical products. Since the end of last century, the company started to develop waste production technology and after 30 years of unremitting efforts, the company has invented the advanced technology in the production and utilization of wastes, and now it has a number of national patent technologies in the field of waste resources. It develops from an ordinary chemical enterprise to a key waste disposal and utilization unit with scale, with rich experiences, advanced technologies and powerful strength .


In 2009, the Company acquired the "Jiashan De Chemical Co., Ltd." with total assets of RMB 32 million. In the same year, it invested US $ 49.8 million to build " RUNSHI Chemical (Changshu) Co., Ltd."


The company’s Wujiang branch can dispose 30000 tons of HW22 #, and Zhejiang branch can dispose HW12, HW22, HW31, HW17, HW23 and HW46. The Changshu Company is under construction, and it is planned to put into production at the second half of year in 2011. After put into production, it can dispose hazardous waste 170,000 tons. It mainly introduces US nanotechnology to produce ACO wood preservatives and Wp fungicides with hazardous wastes, and applies the independent inventions of national patent technology to synthesis of " ammonium chloride” from waste liquid, and applies solar energy technology and multi-effect evaporator to achieve energy conservation, and applies membrane treatment technology to achieve water regeneration.


After 30 years of efforts and development, it forges pursuit and innovation spirit of RUNSHI people. Chairman Ruan Yugen and all staffs are dedicated to offer services to hazardous waste generation units, to make contributions to the recycling economy and environmental protection.


RUNSHI Chemical


RUNSHI Chemical